Is there a prerequisite to purchasing this bundle?

Yes, you need to have completed at least a NVC Foundations (2 day or 6 week) course or training and at least one Intermediate Module course. In other works, approximate 24 hours of NVC training. This can be with us, or another CNVC trainer. Please be in touch with us should you need clarity or support to determine if you qualify to join.

Will I need to attend all the sessions?

We have a strong preference that participants attend every session, for a number of reasons:

  • The sessions build on each other and missing a session may make participating in the exercises challenging.
  • The presence of all participants contributes to group safety, motivation, building trust and community.

Are live calls recorded?

YES, the sessions will be recorded. The break-out room sessions will however not be recorded. The recordings will be uploaded to the course platform and will be exclusively available for the participants in the group.

Will these recordings be shared elsewhere?

YES and NO. We reserve the right to share the audio and video of the trainers on platforms of our choosing. We will not include any audio or video of participants without the express consent of the person.

What if I miss a session?

Although we do request a strong commitment to be at each session, life happens and you may need to miss a meeting. If you miss a session, you can catch up on what you missed by viewing the recording. You will unfortunately miss the opportunity to practice and experience the methods for yourself.

Can I do the course without the coaching session?

We do not offer a stand alone course without coaching. The one-on-one coaching session is an essential part of the program.

How do I book my coaching session?

During the course will send you a link that you can use to book your first session.