Why is sensory clarity important?

Sensory clarity is the ability to distinguish which of the 6 sense tools is activated. Lacking this ability is the source of overwhelm, confusion and delusion. The teasing apart and seperating of sensory experience is a fundamental element of any self connection practice.

In this short course, I will offer you an outline of the 6 sense tools and guide you through a meditation where you can benefit immediately by trying the practice out for yourself.


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Available in days
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Our Gift To You

"Thank you so much for this free meditation. I enjoyed it very much. My day was much more relaxed after doing it."

-Emilia Vancini

"Excellent!! I’ve been wanting to learn more about Meditation. But the online course I am doing has just been talking about how to sit and how to breathe. So it was good to hear another way of looking at things."

~Tanya Davies