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Monthly Online Zoom LIVE SESSIONS in a Learning Community of Fellow Seekers.


Join our monthly community sessions on Zoom, where we offer a safe and structured environment for self-exploration, inspiration and growth. Each month we hold space for, and honour each other on our life's journeys and share a new area of exploration with the group.

We combine elements of NVC, IFS,

Unified Mindfulness and other healing modalities.

There will be time during each session to practice your new skills and connect with others in breakout sessions, and deepen in your connection with ourselves and each other. Discover how to transform your strategies and behavior patterns that no longer serve you, so you can lead a more empowered life.

Monthly SDL Session Details

We meet the 2nd Saturday of every month on Zoom.

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  • 2-4 PM London, UK Time
  • 3-5 PM Amsterdam/Paris, EU Time
  • 3-5 PM or 4-6 PM South African Time
  • 7.30-9.30 PM New Delhi, India Time
  • 8-10 AM New York, US Time

***Please note these sessions are not recorded for privacy of all participants.***

In These Live Sessions You Will Learn and Practice

  • Strengthening my inner resilience and stepping into Self-leadership.
  • Finding my sense of belonging in the world. Stepping into my power
  • Transcending my shattered self
  • Getting clarity about my inner landscape and lifting the fog
  • Overcoming separation within
  • Constructing a new relationship with parts – Redefining my relationship to my wounded parts
  • Healing our wounded parts and stepping into Self-leadership
  • Reparenting the wounded parts within


"Through the 'Self Discovery Lab' led by Nic and Sarah, I am beginning to discover my different parts which are voices or energies, my judgements, emotions, needs, values, hopes and worries living inside me. Like People they want to be understood from their perspective. They respond to Curiosity and Compassion. They react negatively to Judgement, Manipulation or being Pushed aside. Parts can change when treated respectfully. My true Self or Soul is characterized by qualities like Curiosity, Compassion, Calmness, Confidence, Clarity, Creativity, Courage & Connectedness. When Parts get to know Self, they begin to relax. This brings Calm, Confidence and Self- Leadership into the internal system.

My sincere Gratitude to Sarah and Nic for sharing this wisdom with me, and I look forward to greater understanding as we continue to explore and discover new ways of Self-regulation."

-Juliana Beryl Caszo

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Praise for The Self Discovery Lab

"Self Discovery Lab has been my anchor on a journey of rough seas. It helps me with important and easy to use navigation tools that bring some ease and peace to my inner world, helping me to remain open heated and connected.

"Self Discovery Lab is something I look forward to each month as my longing to keep disciplined and learning. It has been comforting and supportive for me to see familiar faces and new faces in an environment of safety and integrity held by Nic and Sarah. Thank you and look forward to future sessions with a sense of curiosity."

- Brigid Kennedy

Praise for SDL

"I first discovered Nonviolent Communication a year ago and found this practice to be an immensely powerful way of connecting to my own inner self, emotions and needs, and also for connecting to others. The practice of empathetic listening helps me to feel more fully heard and understood, offering a space to slow down in a world where there is so much pressure to be faster.

While the Self-Discovery Lab doesn't require you to have any prior knowledge of nonviolent communication, the atmosphere of gentleness, curiosity and self-compassion is one which meshes well with NVC. I have attended a few sessions so far and look forward to more."

- Jocelyn