Begin living in the NOW!

Practicing mindfulness will reduce stress and bring greater joy, ease and fulfillment to your life. You will begin to live with greater awareness Mindfulness has been trending over the past few years, and for good reason.

Do you notice you spend a lot of time worrying about the future, or milling over what happened in the past? In our fast-paced culture in which we are inundated by media, billboards, emails and messages, our minds can get into overdrive.

We can get so lost in our thoughts and lose connection with ourselves and what’s happening in the present moment.

Empathy, emotions, connection and compassion can only take place in the present moment.

You might remember how you felt when someone said something to you yesterday, but you can only ever experience how you feel when you think about that in THIS moment.

Reality and life happen in the NOW.

Practicing the art of becoming present to this moment, to what you are feeling and needing, to what’s alive in you and in the person in front of you is crucial for both Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems and Mindful awareness.