I have discovered that some lessons are better learned through observation, and others through direct experiencing. Being in the witnessing role and watching someone else's process is such a powerful way to realise things about yourself and expand your own toolbox.

So, I conjured up this group coaching offer as an accessible way to help integrate what you've learned in the Coming Home to Yourself 12-week journey.

This group coaching offer is limited to a group of five people for six 90-minute sessions over a period of six weeks.

Each participant has a session devoted to them. This could include:

  • an IFS session with me, as I guide you to connect with your parts,
  • roleplaying,
  • or guiding someone else through a process and receiving my guidance and feedback.

In the final session, I follow up on any teaching points that have come up.

I look forward to working together and sharing this intimate learning space.


This group coaching is a good fit for you if

  • You would enjoy some additional sessions to help internalize working with parts
  • Something arose in the 12-week "Coming Home to Yourself Journey" that you would like to spend some more time working with.
  • You get a lot out of demos and witnessing others going through their process.
  • You would like some additional pointers to support others through their process

Join the Group Coaching

NB. There are only 5 seats available for these dates. If you have a procrastinating or hesitant part (or other), take a moment to notice them, listen to their concerns and make a Self-led decision. Is there a full yes or not?

Our group will meet weekly on

Thursdays, from 2nd June till 7th July 2022

19.00-20.30 PM CEST (Paris/Amsterdam time)

Please note that if this time does not suit you, but you would desperately love to be part of such a group, I am open to exploring an additional slot if we can get four more people to join. Alternatively, you could book private one-on-one coaching sessions with me here.

Your coach

Those of you who have already completed training with me don't need an introduction. And yet, a part of me thinks it might be a good idea to include a bit about me here as the one in the coaching role. :)

I am Sarah Dekker, born in 1983, inhabitant of planet Earth. I have been described as a healer and this rings true somehow. Much of my life has been about contributing to harmony and healing within myself and to my surroundings. Ultimately I guess this is the same thing. I have an insatiable drive to explore the mystery of Life, in awe of this miraculous universe I find myself in, falling in love with my existence over and over again while navigating my fears and contractions.

I enjoy slowing down, taking time to meet and take in the person or sentient being in front of me. I commune with life through them. Coaching people is such an honour as we journey together through the most unexpected and often deeply moving experiences of being human.

I have a deep gratitude for having discovered Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems Therapy as maps to navigate our inner worlds.